E4od torque converter not locking up

2020-02-20 05:15

Oct 24, 2007 PrePower Stroke Diesel (7. 3L IDI& 6. 9L) E4OD torque converter problems? ? ? ? anybody have any ideas? i made a road trip in my 94 cc idi turbo with a e4od today. i went to michigan with a 14, 000 gvw equipment trailer and picked up a john deere 60 tractor roughly 6, 000 lbs plus some extra rims and tires and a fewMay 29, 2012 E4OD not locking up the torque converter. Hello everyone. My E4OD in my 1997 has performed flawlessly for 240K and today it acted up. The truck is all stock except for slightly tall tires (31 ? ) The speedometer has been adjusted for the tires. During general city driving it will normally lock up the torque converter at about 38MPH. e4od torque converter not locking up

Apr 12, 2014  And when the ECM doesn't see a signal from the SS it will only lock the torque converter in WOT. After following PaulW's instructions on wiring up the torque converter lock up and going for a test drive I saw that the ECM was locking up the torque converter

Mar 21, 2008  Notice for all Ford trucks with the E40D transmission. Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by streetfrog, Jan 20, My 96 did not unlock the torque converter with the hazards and neither does my 2000 both trucks have a 7. 3L PSD engine. I no longer have an e4od to know whether this is true or not There is not enough transmission fluid pumped at the lower speeds to properly lubricate the transmission and you could danage your transmission. Installation of a manual switch that could lock up the torque converter on demand was one of the first modifications that I did to my 2002 Powerstorke.e4od torque converter not locking up May 22, 2010 Question on E40D torque converter is locking, and unlocking Here is what my trans is doing. I can drive down the road for an hour or two, then the trans torque converter under regular driving conditions will just unlock, and then relock. It will do this over and over, sometimes seconds apart, sometimes minutes apart, and might stop again

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Feb 22, 2012 The torque converter has a stall around 2, 300rpm and a firm multidisk lock up clutch. The stock converter lock points result in a harsh second shift. I eliminated lockup in 2nd, 3rd, but want it to lock in 4th for cruisingmileage. The stock tune Function locks is at 32mph at any TP. Stock, the 4 cells: 4th lock TP 0. 0, 0. 0, 0. 0, 1020 e4od torque converter not locking up Does torque converter lock up occur in all gears in Ford e4od transmission? which is a clutch in the torque converter that locks down and overrides the fluid coupling so you dont loose engine Common Customer Problems With The Ford E4OD Transmission. Posted by Regis on Friday, January 4th, 2013 The Ford E4OD is a four speed automatic transmission designed for rear wheel drive light and medium duty pickup trucks. Mar 30, 2016 This is a variation of Guzzles TC Mod (check it out press a button and it locks the torque converter, press the brake a Nov 01, 2015 E4od torque converter lock up at zero mph. Ugh. Its been a year now. My 96 E450 buscamper developed a strange problem (of course with the wife driving ) You put the shifter in drive it would lurch forward stall. I had to get it home 300 miles. Finally figured out that if I take off in low, I could get it rolling then shift up get to the

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