Audioconverternew returned 50

2020-04-01 09:44

Jun 27, 2017 What you specified at SettingsOutputAudio tab for Track 2 fields?Sep 20, 2015  This is the function we are using to setup the (ASBD). The entire class is influenced heavily by the SpeakHere example application from Apple. This is audioconverternew returned 50

Sep 05, 2013  The title of this question says AudioConverterNew fails, but the body asks about AudioQueueStart. Where is the message from AudioConverterNew generated? sbooth Sep 5 '13 at 12: 03 @molbdnilo As I have already explained, 50 returns Bad parameter .

For a pair of linear PCM formats, the following conversions are supported: Addition and removal of channels, when the input and output format m Channels Per Frame fields do not match. Channels may also be reordered and removed using the k Audio Converter Atlassian JIRA Project Management Software About JIRA; Report a problem; Powered by a free Atlassian JIRA open source license for Apache Software Foundation. Try JIRA bug tracking software for your team.audioconverternew returned 50 Feb 10, 2019 1152: AudioConverterNew returned 50. Any help appreciated. Thanks, In this case, it says that 50 is an invalid parameter. I suspect the problem is that your file etexttemp doesn't exist, and the 50 means your appropriateForURL: parameter isn't valid.

Audioconverternew returned 50 free

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