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2020-03-28 21:51

Ektroverde is an offshoot of Circle, the musicians change as constantly as the ideas expressed musically in this band. An eclectic combination of krautrock, postrock, space rock and freeform jazz, Ektroverde is marked by its long, hypnotic jams and its use of homemade electronica the UFOX air humidifier theremin, vacuum cleaner synth, breadbox guitar amp, and a collection of modularRecordedmixed by Aki Peltonen and Jussi Lehtisalo (6. 3. and 15. 3. 2001). All tracks by Ektroverde (Antti Uronen, Janne Westerlund, Killi Hrknen, Pekka Jskelinen, Mika Rtt, Jyrki Laiho, Mikko Elo, Harri Sippola, Jussi Lehtisalo Mika Rintala, Pike Kontkanen, Markku Peltola, Jyrki Raatikainen). ektroverde blogspot

Oct 20, 2015 On April 25, 2015, artist Mary Mattingly partnered with Beta Verde, local students, and community members to create what will become a living biosphere floating on the lake at SECCA in WinstonSalem. Potted plants were attached to a geodesic dome structure, which will float on the SECCA lake for six months.

! ALL MIXES ARE OFFLINE IN THE WAKE OF MEGAUPLOAD BEING SHUT DOWN. UNTIL I FIND A SUITABLE HOST AND THE TIME TO REUPLOAD. SORRY! Hip Hop Mixes: Part I Part II Part III Spanish Music Mix Soundweave Summer Psych Check out all my mixes& my buddy Dimitri's mixtapes at his site: DIMITRI'S DUNGEON I've got shelves full of CDs and vinyl, but only ever seem to plug in my iPod and play random mp3s. Well, no more. I'm going through every item on the shelves, in order, in their entirety.ektroverde blogspot EKTROVERDE: UKKOSSALAMA (2003) A Giant Hogweed Orchestra ajnljnl sz esett az Ektroverde nev finn csapatrl, a kommentben pedig Nico krt egy albumot tlk. Szval me, itten van egy: UkkossalamaAz Ektroverdrl elszr is nem rt tudni, hogy brmilyen klfldi, vagy

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Their output has been prodigious, with 25 studio and 13 live records under their collective belts. The band has withstood several lineup changes, Jussi Lehtisalo being the one constant member, and produced a myriad of side projects (Ektroverde, Pharoah Overlord, Steel Mammoth). ektroverde blogspot Explore releases and tracks from Ektroverde at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Ektroverde at the Discogs Marketplace. Dec 28, 2011 Alien Planetscapes Life on Earth (1997) This blog was created to promote improvisational music to trip you out. So be ready to hear a lot of jam bands in all psychedelic variations. Ektroverde Ukkossalama (2003) Tsurubami Gekkyukekkaichi (2003) Dark Sun A Journey Through Space ( ) Alien Planetscapes Life on Earth (1997) Ektroverde biography Ektroverde was formed in year 1996, and it relates to the musical family of legendary group Circle. Like other groups of these musicians from Pori, Ektroverde's musical styles vary and morph freely within borders of psychedelia, krautrock, postrock, jazz and analogue electronics. Maybe this does remind us a bit of some of Ektroverde's output, come to think of it there's definitely a spacedout, jazzy fusion groove here, of shuffling drums and chiming synths, that makes for a relaxing soundtrack we wouldn't feel foolish recommending to fans of The Necks and Miles Davis as well as Ektroverde, Verde and Circle too of

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