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Jan 03, 2010  Rudimentary PeniThe EPs of RP Another band that's hard to write about since I love them so much. Looking at the cover and giving it just a surface listening youRudimentary Peni The E. P. 's Of R. P. Rebels& Infidels Gov't Primer 7 Lepers Evil Music 7 The Faction Yesterday Is Gone 7 Massacre Guys The Rider 7 Bazooka Joe Send In The Klowns 7 The Landlords Our Favorite Songs! 7 8th Route Army No Leaders 7 Sadistic Exploits Anarchy For Freedom 7 N. O. T. A. Hell Hole 7 A Quick Note rudimentary peni the eps of rp blogspot

Nov 27, 2009 Rudimentary Peni: EPs of RP Rudimentary Peni (RP) is Nick Blinko on vocals and guitar, Grant Matthews on bass and Jon Greville on drums. Lyrics by Nick and Grant.

Jun 12, 2014 So to finish up there's a couple of extra bits for you firstly we have the Rudimentary Peni Live EP which is a brilliantly packaged and well put together bootleg 11 track EP culled from live material from 1982 shows I don't know if the material is taken from different shows or a whole show as RP shows were rare and short however it's a decent Friday, July 16, 2010. Rudimentary Peni 1987 The EPs of RP (comp. ) (UK)rudimentary peni the eps of rp blogspot Rudimentary Peni The E. P. 's of R. P. Posted by Mutil8or. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) this blogger hosted weblog has had to rely exclusively on the blanket disclaimer provided for the corporate body of blogspot addresses. While this kind of disclaimer is usually sufficient to

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