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2020-02-26 20:07

Folklore Tapes is an openended research project exploring the vernacular arcana of Great Britain and beyond; traversing the myths, mysteries, magic and strange phenomena of the old counties via abstracted musical reinterpretation and experimental visuals.Anworth Kirk Shacklecross (2012) Anworth Kirk Shacklecross, 2012 [PreCert Home Entertainment VHSX006 PreCert. anworth kirk blogspot

Anworth Kirk 2 Something wicked this way comes. Another unsolicited, dark and spectral missive drops through the Sound Awareness letterbox in the form of a new Anworth Kirk release. Packaged in a rat chewed, hand pasted sleeve, this release is a much more caliginous and sage affair than its sister record.

The semifictitious protagonist Anworth Kirk melds influence from Letterist poetry to tape loops, foundsound and European folklore in a wonderfully uncertain and unpredictable manner, creating an esoteric narrative between the 12 segued tracks presented in two chapters. Anworth Kirk ST (PreCert, 2010) This blog is an effort to share Devon Folklore Tapes Volume II David OrphanAnworth Kirk The long awaited follow up to DFT Vol. I is close to completion with David Orphan and Anworth Kirk taking up the role of researchers. The area of investigation for volume two is ghosts and hauntings.anworth kirk blogspot Anworth Kirk Strange things have been coming through my letterbox of late. This morning, I received a whole batch of mail related to the blog, a recording of sub aquatic exotica by Dolphins Into The Future, a book on rubber fetish wear and a collection of films made by the artist John Latham. Also amongst the mail, was an anonymous parcel with

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