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2020-02-26 19:34

Dec 29, 2015  I have 250 readers on this blog, but only about 20 of them bother to encourage and support me by buying my published works on which I spend months of my time and lots of effort. I am sure you can imagine how heartbreaking this is for me. This new blog isMature content ahead Chapter 9: Dark night Khushi glancing at the unknown place and getting intensely terrified. She gasped when he advance his steps near her while she goes backward. His each step make her breathe halted even more. She began shivering by his gaze who is glancing at her body lustfully. arshi mature blogspot

Apr 05, 2013 See I can't read any of dem uff, , , , u can put dem Normaly what is the need of putting dem in India formsuff. Reply Delete

The reason I wanted to make this blog private was only because I had read some stories in past and the blog had got deleted because some one had complained about it. That's the reason I wanted to make it private so that only ppl who actually are really interested in reading can access it and no anonymous person can access it and also when a blog is made private only 100 ppl can access it and Apr 05, 2013 On Hold Or Discontinue per awesome hain so must read. forbidden Samiya. An old passion Samiyaarshi mature blogspot Mar 09, 2013 By the time Khushi reached downstairs, everybody were present there for the Pooja. Anjali saw Khushi and smiled at her. Khushi also smiled back and stood near her. Thankfully nobody teased her today. Payal distributed the prasadas. All were sitting in the hall chatting. As usuall mami was talking about her new makeup kit and English teacher.

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