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In Explore, you can discover and watch new music, news, sports, and trailers from dailymotion's best creators, brands, and channelsMay 12, 2013 Can anyone here help me with the integration of the DailyMotion API? I am using their SDK but to no avail, and forums are also not helping much. php dailymotion api

The API Explorer is the best way to test your requests directly from the comfort of your browser. Explore the Data API, test authentication, retrieve data and learn about the Data API syntax. Authenticate Requested permissions API Terms and Conditions Jobs dailymotion. com Twitter About us

Jun 21, 2019  How to programmatically upload videos via Dailymotions API using our PHP SDK. May 07, 2019. Using our SDKs is the fastest and easiest way to programmatically upload videos on Dailymotion. Follow this PHP tutorial to learn how to add a video on our servers and Dailymotion Graph API PHP SDK. Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub.php dailymotion api Visit our developer portal at Dailymotion. Skip to content. Why GitHub? Features Code review dailymotionsdkphp Dailymotion Graph API PHP SDK PHP MIT 39 47 4 0 Updated Apr 17, 2018. flight Forked from flightjsflight

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Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms in the world, and as such, we offer video storage and viewing capability to our users. We would like to make it easy for you developers to integrate video creation and delivery across many platforms (desktop, mobile, consoles, settop boxes and more). The Dailymotion API allows developers to access and integrate Dailymotion's php dailymotion api The Dailymotion Curl Sample Code demonstrates how to access the API to implement videos into websites and applications. Developers can edit the title of a video, retrieve user data, and delete an associated URL. Video uploading and live streaming are services provided by Dailymotion. Oct 01, 2010 Dailymotion PHP SDK. This repository contains the official open source PHP SDK that facilitates access to the Dailymotion Graph API from your PHP application. For more information about developing with Dailymotion's services, head to the Developer Area. . Usage The Dailymotion API requires OAuth 2. 0 authentication in order to be used. Contrary to most OAuth SDKs, the Dailymotion PHP SDK implements lazy authentication, which means that no authentication request is sent as long as no data is requested from the API. At which point, two requests are sent backtoback during the first request for Video player documentation Embedding the player. Dailymotion provides a simple way to display videos on your website or application: it is possible to embed Dailymotion video player using our iframebased embed player. Note that our iframe embeds are compatible with most mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and most HTML5compliant Smart TVs.

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