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Jan 16, 2011 Lifelover Dekadens Sin embargo en el 2009 nos muestran un pequeo disco EP con siete tracks llenos de mas odio y depresin. Dekadens si bien se aparta un poco de las races de los tres discos anteriores tan espectaluares de Lifelover mantiene esa musicalidad nica de los amantes de la vida en la negacin y el abatimiento.Oct 11, 2009 LIFELOVER's DEKADENS is varied effort of schizophrenic metallic chaos and shoe gazer depressive, blackened tones. Perhaps some LIFELOVER fans will be disappointed in the extremes of metallic rock vs. shoegazer as the the up beat rock tones were unexpected. I prefer LIFELOVER's more minimalistic black elements with depressive shoe gazer. lifelover dekadens blogspot

Dec 15, 2010  [ep (2010) Tracklist: 1. When The Tomorrow Is A Grey Day 03: 00 2. Make The ChangeAre Your Last Days 08: 58 3. The Time Will

Gas Chambers& Blood Division The Prayer Of The War& Death Shards Of Obsidian Hate Oct 07, 2009 Disclaimer: As creator of this Blog, I must state that none of the links featured on this site contain albums that i have uploaded myself. All of the uploads shown on this Blog have been found on various sharing sites and networks, all available to the public. I am simply allowing those who do not have the resources the ability to sample and maybe enjoy music that would otherwise go unheard.lifelover dekadens blogspot Oct 08, 2011 Que tal seguidores del blog, Hoy a ustedes les traigo una autentica joya de lo que hoy en dia es el depressive black metal y el depressivo rock, como pueden ver aqu les presento la discografia de Lifelover, Lifelover es una banda creada en el ao 2005 en Stockholmo (Suecia) con 6 personas en el inicio de su msica.

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Jan 13, 2019 The band pretty much dissolved after his death. They went on with their lives as anyone else would, but it took years for them to finally start new projects or solo acts. So, there you have it a brief history of Lifelover. I want to talk about probably my favorite release from these guys which is named Dekadens which means decadence in Swedish. lifelover dekadens blogspot

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