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Jan 26, 2016  The Frogs' relationship with Smashing Pumpkins also helped to kickstart their recording career. Corgan produced an EP for the group, Starjob, a song cycle about one altrock star's rise and inglorious fall (with Corgan credited as Johnny Goat ), and when Corgan's bandmates James Iha and D'Arcy Wretzky helped launch a Polygramdistributed label called Scratchie Records, the Frogs wereThis is a live recording from (as the title would indicate) CBGB's in the year of 1989 (aka prime Frog years. ) Best known as 'that band that Billy Corgan likes, ' these guys have been knocking off improv songs (with overdubbed improv lyrics) about being gay, being straight, being murderers, being pedophiles, being black, being KKK members, and the frogs starjob blogspot

Jun 10, 2010 The Frogs (1) The Front Lawn (2) The Funkees (1) The Gap (2) The Glitterhouse (1) The Godfather (1) The Gordons (2) The Guess Who (1) The Gun Club (1) The International Submarine Band (1) The kills (1) The kinks (1) The Little Willies (1) The Loop Orchestra (1) The Lounge Lizards (1) The Mantarays (1) The Miltones (1) The Monks (2) The Mutton Birds (1) The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1)

WISCONSINOLOGY: Wisconsin Bands# 8The Frogs Jun 06, 2005  But the Crazy Frog wasnt the only frog related weirdness in 1997. The Frogs, consisting of brothers Jimmy and Dennis Flemion, have set themselves the task of offending as many people as possible as much as possible whilst wearing sixfoot wide green bat wings.the frogs starjob blogspot The Frogs, Racially Yours, Starjob and Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise are of type (a), while It's Only Right And Natural, My Daughter The Broad, Bananimals and all of the MadeUp Songs collections represent types (b) and (c). At present, the Frogs are apparently seeking a record company to release a new album of 'spiritual songs. '

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Anyhoo, The Frogs are this fucked up band from Milwaukee that play sugary sweet pop songs that are unafraid to fucking go there. In fact The Frogs seem to delight in making you uncomfortable or tickled depending on just how tight your ass is. Racially Yours was the band's fifth release and it deals with, well you guessed it, race. The hardest of topics to discuss. the frogs starjob blogspot Oct 25, 2009 The Billy Corgan produced Starjob came out, and I wasn't really into their attempt at Glam rock (Lee Harvey Oswald band did that thing much better). I only have one Frogs story. I went to Lalapalooza to see the Frogs and the Boredoms because MTV said they were playing the side stage. Looking for the best online pokies? Real money NZ dollar payouts? How about getting your hands on the latest online casino NZ no deposit bonus? If weve hit the nail on the head, then we have all the information youre after and much more inside this guide for online casino NZ.

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