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2020-04-03 23:26

Dec 08, 2018 Asking Allah, is the wish of Allah Almighty. [ Explained By: His Excellency Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali Sb In annual Melad e Mustafa SAWW& Haq Bahoo Conference, organized by Islahee Jamaat& Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen, at Jhang on 16th January 2016.O Allah Almighty. 460 likes. Allah is the Only True God Worth of Worship, The Administrator, Superior, Lord, Ruler and Master of All that Exists. The o allah the almighty on dailymotion

May 30, 2018  OH ALLAH ALMIGHTY ALLAH HU ALLAH PROTECT AND GUIDE ME ALLAH HU ALLAH# A BEAUTIFULL HAMMAD BY SAMMI under the fair usage policy for review of drama allows to use for comments

Mar 20, 2015 True believer of Almighty Allah and the day of Judgement can not respect Yazeed (May Allah Curse Him) Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah Allah Ho Allah Naat Complete Lyrics. (CHORUS) Turkish: Affeder Gunahi Alemin Padisahi Yureklerin Penahi He Is The Forgiver Of All Sins He Is The King Of The Universe He Is The Refuge Of All Hearts Isit Allah Derdimi, Bu Ahlarimi Rahmeyle, Bagisla Gunahlarimi Hayreyle Hem Aksam Hem Sabahlarimi O Allah Hear My Sorrowso allah the almighty on dailymotion Aug 08, 2011  Category Entertainment; Suggested by AwakeningRecordsLTD Mesut Kurtis Balaghal Ula Official 2019

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