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2020-03-30 14:19

How can the answer be improved?The first thing you might notice about Boston indiepop outfit Apollo Sunshines new album, Shall Noise Upon, is the intricately detailed, mostly black& white, totally psychedelic cover. The second thing is that, upon putting the CD into iTunes, that the genre is listed as Unclassifiable apollo sunshine shall noise upon blogspot

Sep 02, 2008 Metacritic Music Reviews, Shall Noise Upon by Apollo Sunshine, The latest album for the rock trio was recorded in the Catskill Mountains.

Aug 05, 2008 More than 40 years after the Summer of Love, you'd think that all the musical vistas of the lysergic experience would have been covered, but Boston's Apollo Sunshine clearly have something they'd like to tell you after you've taken a close look at the tiny bit of blotter paper they're holding in their collective hand. Their third LP, Shall Noise Upon, is a musically ambitious and eclectic Sep 01, 2008  The fact that the title track is a ninesecond noisemash probably tells you more about Shall Noise Upon than I can. Its not the bad songwriting that is obnoxious, or even that Apollo Sunshine probably thinks that its good when its notindeed, the pretension is almost palpable.apollo sunshine shall noise upon blogspot Sep 30, 2008 Apollo Sunshine; Shall Noise Upon. World's Fair Shall Noise Upon is a great record, and an impossible one to digest in just one sitting. That's hardly a problem, though, because coming back to

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Shall Noise Upon is more of the same from Apollo Sunshine, which in their case means boundless innovation and unmatched creativity. apollo sunshine shall noise upon blogspot

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