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2020-02-22 04:15

Just sent out the long overdue tracks for the DrainlandCellgraft split. Trying to have that ready for their upcoming tour, which I hope works out. Hard at work on writing towards a full length, should be ready sooner than later.Following on from yesterdays Drainland teaser of a track from their split with Enabler, heres a full new song, this time from their forthcoming split with Crows. Listen to Solar Temple below, and be sure to check out the new Crows track too. As expected, Solar Temple is crows drainland split blogspot

Transcontinental split between two madly angry bands. Drainland guys are working like at the conveyor, one record after another. After Swine, split with Grinding Halt, fulllength and this record, their split with Trenches saw the light of day and future plans include collaborations with Crows, Enabler and hopefully more bands. Not to mention

May 21, 2011 everything posted since our mediafire was deleted has been made available for download by the bandlabel at hand, is 100 out of print, or have been sent in for download from said bandlabel. Find out which posts are a hit with Bloggers builtin analytics. Youll see where your audience is coming from and what theyre interested in. You can even connect your blog directly to Google Analytics for a more detailed look.crows drainland split blogspot Sticking with Ireland, Crows narrowly missed out on breaking yesterdays Irish top 10. Its a shame because their Severance tape is searing. If youre unaware the band play some corrosive, misanthropic hardcore and their next release is a split 7 with Drainland, and mark my words, theyre going to destroy.

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