Why is my crackle nail polish not working

2020-02-29 00:10

Crackle nail polish basically has alchohol in iit. The alcohol makes the nail polish crackle, because of the chemicals in it. Crackle nail polish can also be done at home.No, hand sanitizer will not remove nail polish. Hand sanitizer is made up of mostly alcohol, an ingredient that kills germs. Nail polish needs something strong such as acetone or an acetone why is my crackle nail polish not working

Jul 01, 2011 Best Answer: if you go any local store, they should have an opi brand of crackle nail polish. there are some brands that just dont do what they say. justice is a cheep brand. iv used there nail polish and it does take quite a few coats. but the crackle nail polish should work right away if it was right. opi or china glaze are the way to go. hope you have enough time to get it! have a fun party!

Dry nail polish does not expand or contract to accommodate the absorbent nail. As fingernails beneath the enamel first expand with moisture and then contract as that moisture evaporates, the adhesion of fingernail polish to nail surface breaks, and the polish begins to crack and peel. For best results, avoid prolonged soaking of polished nails. Aug 13, 2012 Best Answer: Crackle polishes tend you dry out much more quickly than regular polishes. Also, you should use nail polish thinner, not remover. Remover will break down the polish and ruin it over time and then it won't crack at all.why is my crackle nail polish not working Question: Does crackle nail polish work on a certain part on the nail? Crackle polish works anywhere on the nail but you should cover the entire nail for the best effect. Also, use a contrasting nail color as a base coat which will then show throu

Why is my crackle nail polish not working free

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