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2020-02-27 19:47

Jul 24, 2017  The Doors The Doors (1967) 2017, Remastered, 50th Anniversary, Deluxe Edition 3CD HiRes Vinyl RipJun 10, 2011 The Doors Strange Days [Mono Version One of the rarest releases in Elektra's esteemed catalogue, the L. A. group's second LP, mixed for mono. Long has raged the debate on music websites and chat rooms as to whether or not this album received a dedicated mono mix. doors mono blogspot

Jul 01, 2017 Recently I found a Mono version of the first Doors album at Mono Records (no pun intended) and bought it. I was curious what my adult ears will hear compared to my childhood's listening experience. In ways, the album holds up. The songs are still terrific and the performances are faultless. What is missing is the essence of the band, the mystery.

you seem pretty knowledgeable about these things so i thought i'd ask if you knew whether there was a mono version of the waiting for the sun album? if so, what is a genuine mono mix? by the way, thanks for this excellent strange days rip. sounds fantastic and makes Apr 19, 2012  doorswaiting for the sun ekl 4024 (68) uk mono I believe made from the US mono tapes. I have been told it is a fold down, but it has the single version ofdoors mono blogspot I would like you upload the 50th Anniversary Box Set of The Doors, Strange Days, Waiting For The Sun and Hello I Love YouLove Street (mono) 50th Anniversary Single Responder Excluir Respostas

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Mar 27, 2013 Is The DOORS Waiting For The Sun US. MONO LP dedicated (NOT folddown) mono mix? Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by keithpinkmoon, Mar 26, 2013. doors mono blogspot

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