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2020-03-29 23:05

Aug 10, 2015 I thought something was missing so YEHET NOW LAY ON CRACK even though I think I put too much weed on this vid lol EXO on Crack Yixing ver Duration: 5: 47. Mina Yixing 222, 931 views. 5: 47.Why Yixing Teapots Crack. During Winter, when the ambient temperature is low, the temperature of the teapot will also be low. If you pour boiling water directly into the teapot, it may crack. This response is due to the rapid and drastic change in temperature, resulting in thermal expansion. How to yixing on crack

yixing: do you ever think about world peace, kyungsoo? like, how the world would be without any violence or hate? this world would be a much better and beautiful place, don't you think so? tildespersson2 reblogged this from exooncrack. sweetlittlemandy liked this

Aug 07, 2011 I couldn't fix the crack really even but it isn't that obvious as it seems by looking at the photograph. The pot is small (about 100 ml, 3 floz) and the photo was taken as macro. he very generously donated a beautiful 80's Zisha teapot to Tingjunkie's Yixing Hospital for the Cracked! This pot is made from very high quality Zisha, and was Jan 03, 2009 it's common with glazed yixing cupsgaiwanspitchers to develop cracks. the glaze isn't formulated well, so it doesn't fit the piece. either that or the clay expands more than the glaze does when the tea heats both, causing the crack. i avoid glazed yixing because so few pieces are made well, even though they're pretty.yixing on crack

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