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2020-02-28 23:29

Mar 02, 2013 Why does it feel so good when I crack my back? submitted 6 years ago by [deleted this makes it sound like popping your back (or joints in general) is a good thing and not a bad thing, when I've been made to feel all my life that the opposite is true. should people be taking actions to pop their backsjoints toJun 24, 2019 The reason most of you feel good after cracking joints is kind of hard to explain, the gas bubbles or whatever as said earlier are what makes it feel good. They're what bring the pleasure. anon Post 74: I'm 16 years old and every day I feel the need to crack my toes, ankles, knees, shoulders, neck, back, elbows, wrists, fingers, knuckles cracking knees feels good

May 11, 2017  Neck cracking, especially when its done right and not too often, can make you feel good by releasing pressure in your joints. But if youre doing it a lot and feeling constant pressure or

Thats how it feels like your knee feels like it needs to pop. The good news is that usually, a popping knee isnt something you should be overly worried about, and for the most part is something that can be put down to general wear and tear. Although our bodies are machines that work well, occasionally things will go a little awry. Many people experience a crackling, grating, or popping sensation when bending the knee. The medical term for this is knee crepitus. See What Is Crepitus? . A person with knee crepitus can usually feel the crunching or cracking sensation by placing a hand over the knee cap as the knee bends and straightens.cracking knees feels good Feb 22, 2008 it feels good bc of the increased range of motion you now have. you crack your joints when they get stiff, and now you can move more freely. by cracking a body part you are stretching the muscles or tendons used to control that body part, so cracking has the same type of effect as stretching (on a smaller scale but you get the picture)

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Most people have knees that crack when they squat down or go through the full arc of motion. Some people say it feels like their knees are grinding when they move. Wear shoes that fit cracking knees feels good Jun 23, 2019 When you crack your neck and back, it often feels good afterwards, especially if there was a great deal of tension or pain prior. The reason it feels good is because pressure is being relieved. Just as when any of your joints crack, gases are being released from within the synovial membranes. Dec 26, 2018  Many believe that cracking knuckles is the bones realigning, which couldnt be further from the truth, says Weiss. Actually, the process has to do with your joints. Knuckle cracking is the audible sound that occurs when the joints of your fingers are stretched, says Curda. These joints are called synovial joints and are Knee pain can be felt as a sensation of tightness and at times, your knee feels like it needs popping. Although it may not be a serious condition, you may need to see your doctor if your symptoms do not improve over time. Most knee problems occur because of overuse. Your knees carry most of your weight and this joint can be damaged when Mar 05, 2016  Knuckle cracking is the audible sound that occurs when the joints of your fingers are stretched, says Curda. These joints are called synovial joints and are surrounded by fluidfilled capsules. That fluid, called synovial fluid, is there for lubrication and is made up of dissolved gasesmostly nitrogen, Curda says.

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