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2020-02-29 12:51

It's interesting that Fall Out Boy decided to follow up the most carefully crafted record of their career with this, for when you put aside all their styles, reinventions and ambitions, PAX AM Days is very much the other half of the equation. God forbid they ever put out a whole album that sounds like this, but loud stupid noise once in awhileListen to Fall Out Boy's upcoming album 'PaxAm Days' one week before it's due for release! Click Here! at 17: 50 No comments: it seems as though these guys have really got it figured out and I expect to hear big things from them in the near future! Sh! Press Live. Awesome Inc. theme. fall out boy pax am days blogspot

PAX AM Days (stylized as PAXAM Days) is an EP by American rock band Fall Out Boy, released on October 15, 2013 by Island Records and PAX AM. It consists of 1980s and 90s hardcore punk and punk rock influenced tracks recorded during a twoday marathon session with producer Ryan Adams and the band in July 2013 at PAX AM Studios. The EP was released on CD, digitally and on double 7 vinyl as

Music Fall Out Boy Take It 'A Bit Too Far' On PaxAm Days 'We weren't sure how it was going to be released, ' Pete Wentz says of FOB's fastandfurious new album. Oct 15, 2013  PAX AM Days is an extended play by Fall Out Boy, released in 2013. The entire EP was recorded throughout the period of two days at PAX AM studios. Track listing We Were Doomed from the Start (The King is Dead) Art of Keeping Up Disappearances Hot tofall out boy pax am days blogspot Oct 17, 2013 For my sixtyfirst review, I talk about Fall Out Boy's attempt to make a hardcore punk EP. Seriously. 610 If you'd like to skip through the majority of my p

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