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2020-03-30 14:57

Chinese Astrology: The art of Chinese Astrology is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Unlike Western astrology, which bases its major system the Sun signs on a 12 month cycle, giving a different influence to each month, Chinese astrology is based on cycles of 60 years. Each year is assigned both one of the 12 animals and one of the five elements wood, water, air, earth and metal andBurmese zodiac is calculated based about the 7 days in a very week. Unlike most astrology systems, Burmese astrology takes under consideration 8 zodiac signs. To know your Burmese sign, its ruling planet and associated characteristic features, buy your Burmese astrology profile from Burmese Astrology Software. chinese astrology blogspot

Nov 26, 2010  Animal Signs of the Chinese Zodiac You are welcome to share the information on this site with others, although I do request that you include this

Dec 14, 2005 Astrology Zi Wei Dou Shu. The Chinese's concept of luck is similar to the orbit of planets cyclical and predictable. That makes it knowable. Chinese Astrology from the perspective of the 12 zodiac signs and five elements. provides FREE Chinese Daily Horoscopes. Find your Zodiac Sign for FREE!chinese astrology blogspot Zodiac And Chinese Astrology A Look At The Personalities Of People Through Astrology. Indian Vedic Astrology Indian astrology is based on the theory of fate. The good and the bad actions of the past life determine your fate or Karma of your present life, and the actions of

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