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After nearly 10 years of writing Kauai Eclectic, and nearly 3 million views, it's time for a change. I'm in a very different place literally and figuratively than I was when I started this blog. My muse was crying out for a new venue, and here it is:Dec 09, 2012  December 9, 2012 Uncategorized Kauai, Kauai Blog, Kauai Living Jennifer A. Bauman. I should have started this Kauai Blog a lot sooner, but got caught up figuring out how to pay my bills on an island where the costofliving is high and most jobs are parttime, lowpaying gigs, tied to tourism. Now that Ive patched together enough income to kauai blogspot

May 09, 2012  Kauai is nicknamed the Garden Island because of its agricultural abundance. Kauai has a 365dayayear growing season affords farmers and gardeners the opportunity to grow everything from tropical fruits and flowers to traditional Polynesian and row

Summertime on Kauai is bursting with brilliant colors and intoxicating fragrances. It is a feast for the eyes and heaven for the nose. Flower lovers rejoice as Kauai blooms throughout the summer with some of the most enchanting blossoms you have ever seen. Jan 25, 2015  Hawaii Travel Blog Kauai and Maui. Out of all of my travel posts, the one I get the most questions and interest in is the post on our Hawaii Travel Blog. The information below has all kinds of information on specifically what we did and what companies we used in addition to some of our favorite photos while in both Kauai and Maui.kauai blogspot Kauai Naturists Kauai Naturists is a social group as well as a political action group of people just like you and me who enjoy doing many of the same things without clothes. We support the use of appropriate public beaches on Kauai for clothingoptional recreation.

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Should I split my stay between 2 locations on Kauai? Which side of the island to stay on? Should I rent a car? Good restaurants on Kauai? What are good threads to read to help me plan my trip? Webcams on Kauai and other Islands; What are some free things to do on Kauai? What Napali Boat Tours Should I Take? Free Travel Planners for Hawaii kauai blogspot Creating and designing the perfect Hawaii vacation is exciting and The Event that Started it All Koloa Plantation Days Parade& Park Celebration Kauais Koloa Plantation days is in its 34th year an Apr 18, 2019 She is also a graphic designer and has created commercial designs for Victoria's Secret, Design Studios Honolulu, Kauai Coffee, Aunty Lilikoi, and the cover of the short story Kauai Getaway by Gregg Edwards Townsley. Marionette's paintings can be found in public and private collections throughout the world. View my complete profile Ive been raving about Kauai since we returned from our 5day stay there last summer. Its a beautiful island, but the relaxed vibe and feeling of peace struck me as much as the islands natural beauty. I left with a list of things I still wanted to see and do, knowing that I would need to return one day. Here are 30 things to do on Kauai

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