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2020-02-29 05:48

Diwali does not mean firecrackers. Diwali means celebrating with your friends and family. It's a pity that whenever someone thinks about Diwali, all they think about is firecrackers. You can lit diyas and lights to light the darkest day of the year. Diwali can't be fun without crackers. First of all crackers is not only an enjoyment. MoreAug 20, 2018  Diwali without crackers is a difficult task. Most people say that they wont burn crackers but it will hard to find. We all here to enjoy festivals, collect a lot of memories, follow traditional aspects, and share happiness. Festivals like Diwali, diwali firecrackers fun

Nov 23, 2017  Fun with diwali crackers 2017. Diwali Firecrackers crackers Subscribe the channel.

Diwali is a time for fun and revelry. During Diwali, India comes to a standstill except for family life and feasts. Diwali means decorating the house with tiny earthen lamps, wearing crisp new clothes, bursting firecrackers, meeting family and friends and of course enjoying the scrumptious sweets and savories prepared specially for this occasion. Nov 03, 2018 Happy Diwali to everyone! So here is our Diwali Special Video If crackers were people. We all have grown up and celebrated Diwali all our life with almost all types of FIRECRACKERS. So here arediwali firecrackers fun Diwali Firecrackers Fun. 132 likes. Celebrate this Diwali festival of lights in a new way In just a weeks time of Launch, we are already# 1 Diwali

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